Honors Mentor Program

The Honors Student Board is seeking applicants for mentors for the inaugural year of the Bumpers Honors Mentor Program. This program will pair selected mentors with freshmen protégés to assist with transitioning into college life, provide advice about classes and the honors program, and assist in forming campus connections. This program is incentive-based with mentors receiving material compensation for their service. Interested current freshmen through juniors are encouraged to apply. Here is a list of our current honors mentors, click on their names to learn more.

Mersary Redding - Lead Mentor 

Sarah Beth Delay - Lead Mentor

Guillermo "Memo" Tellez Jr.

Rhiannon De La Rosa

Clay Parker

Hartley Allen

Shaina Denton


The  Honors Student Board will seek  applications for Honors Student Mentors for the 2018-2019 academic year beginning late in the fall semester. To apply for the position  of an Honors Student Mentor complete the Honors Student Mentor Program  Application and submit it to the Bumpers College Deans Office on or before February 15.