Honors Research Conference

Honors Research Conference

(Thesis Demonstration)


1)      Help Honors students better understand the thesis process

  • Allow students to witness a simulated thesis defense appropriate to their college,
  • Inform students about scholastic, creative and experiential tracks (where relevant)
  • Showcase posters that illustrate examples of thesis work

2)      Help faculty members new to Honors to understand the thesis process

Individuals Involved:

1)      Honors directors to present their honors thesis process in general

2)      Current/graduated honors students to present a mock defense and share their posters

3)      Faculty to serve as committee members for mock defense

4)      Faculty to answer student questions at reception

5)      Honors Dean to welcome

6)      Associate Dean to wrap up

7)      Honors staff to assist where needed

Targeted Attendees:  Honors students of all years from all colleges who have not yet completed their thesis process. Invite fall Honors UP classes and solicit second, third and fourth year students with help of honors directors. Faculty members who are considering mentoring students for the first time.

Date:  TBD. Typically held in the fall semester.