Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Jennie PoppDr. Jennie Popp was the inaugural recipient of the Outstanding Honors Mentor Award in fall 2016. Dr. Popp served as a member of the Bumpers College Honors Committee for nearly 10 years. She has directed many honors student theses on topics ranging from assessing women’s roles in Arkansas agriculture to composting food waste from campus residence halls to optimizing school garden production in Belize. Many of her students have won awards for their honors research on campus and at the regional and national level. Dr. Popp has participated in honors committees within Bumpers College and Fulbright College and until recently, served as “first mentor” to all incoming honors students majoring in agribusiness. She received an Honors College Distinguished Faculty Award in 2011. She now serves as the Interim Associate Dean of the Honors College. Besides a plaque award, Dr. Popp will receive $1,500 to assist her with her Honors Program efforts. On behalf of the Bumpers College, we congratulations Dr. Jennie Popp for her continued service to our Honors students and our College.