Graduating Seniors

Graduating Seniors Step by Step

In order to graduate with Honors Distinction students must complete 15 honors credit hours consisting of 9-12 honors course hours and 3-6 honors thesis hours and completed honors capstone research or creative project culminating in a written thesis documenting the project while maintaining a 3.5 cGPA. Students who have completed no less than half of his or her degree work at the  University of Arkansas and  demonstrated exceptional academic performance while completing the Honors Program in the Bumpers College will be recognized at graduation by the honors designations of cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.

For cum laude, the student must achieve a cumulative U of A GPA of 3.5 to 3.74.
For magna cum laude, the student must achieve a cumulative U of A GPA of 3.75 to 3.89.
For summa cum laude, the student must achieve a cumulative U of A GPA of 3.9 to 4.00.


Step 1: Apply for Graduation 

  • At the completion of 90 credit hours apply for graduation through UA connect.

Step 2: Complete your required thesis hours

  • In order to graduate with Honors, students must complete 3-6 Honors thesis hours. You will not have permission to enroll in thesis hours from UA connect, in order to enroll for Honors thesis hours complete the "Request to Enroll for Thesis Hours Form" with your honors faculty mentor and email a signed copy to

Step 3: Complete your Honors Thesis Project 

  • Work with your honors faculty mentor to complete your thesis project while following the  guidelines provided  on the "Thesis and Creative Project" page of the Bumpers Honors website.

Step 4: Defend your Honors Thesis Project

  • Coordinate with honors faculty mentor and thesis committee to schedule a defense date, time and location.
  • Provide your thesis committee a copy of your completed thesis at least one week prior to your defense date.
  • Email the date, time and location of your thesis oral defense at least one week prior to your scheduled defense date.
  • Provide the Thesis Oral Defense and Examination (Form #3) to your honors mentor and committee for completion at your Thesis Oral Defense. Your honors faculty mentor will be responsible for turning the signed and completed form in to AFLS E-202 or a digital version to

Step 5: Incorporate all revisions and edits to your Honors thesis provided by your thesis committee during your defense.

  • Email to schedule an appointment to review final thesis formatting and ensure you are meeting minimum program requirements prior to the term’s submission deadline.

Step 6: Submit your Honors thesis to the UA Library

  • All honors students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to the UA library to be entered into the catalog of information. These theses will be searchable through the library information system and available world wide to anyone using the UA library system.  Students should submit their thesis to the library only after it has been approved by their committee and project mentor.

Step 7: Submit your research to the Discovery Journal

  • Undergraduates conducting research in cooperation with a faculty mentor are encouraged to submit their research to the Discovery Journal. All submissions must follow Discovery Journal article guidelines. Unedited theses will not be accepted. Students who have received a Bumpers College Undergraduate Research or Creative Grant are expected to submit an article based on their project.