Current Students

Current students should focus on making progress toward completing the required amount of honors coursework and developing an honors thesis project. We encourage students to work closely with their Honors Thesis Mentor and Academic Advisor to adhere to our program deadlines and requirements.

Honors Theses

Students enrolled in the Bumpers College Honors Program are expected to complete an original thesis project as part of the requirements for graduating with honors. A variety of honors thesis project options are available, including research projects, creative projects, and group/team projects. All honors thesis project types could be designated as service-learning if certain criteria are met.  Each type honors thesis project has specific guidelines developed by the Honors Faculty Committee which must be followed.

Grants and Funding

We encourage students to seek funding opportunities through Bumpers College and the Honors College. Bumpers College awards grants specifically for conducting research and creative projects in the fall and spring semesters. The Honors College offers a wide variety of funding for research and creative projects, internships – both domestic and abroad.

Student Deadlines

View upcoming deadlines at a glance based on the anticipated term of graduation. Contact our honors program support team at with any inquiries about deadlines.

Honors Thesis Timeline

A semester-by-semester timeline is available for students to follow to stay on track for graduation with honors by their anticipated term of graduation.

Select an Honors Thesis Mentor

Students can learn more about faculty throughout Bumpers College who often serve in mentor roles. Search by academic unit and learn more about faculty members’ areas of research, expertise, and contact information. We encourage honors students begin meeting with faculty early in their honors timeline to discuss potential honors thesis project ideas and identify an Honors Thesis Mentor.


View and download the appropriate forms for tracking your progress through the Bumpers College Honors Program. Please return completed forms to the Bumpers College Waldrip Student Center (AGRI 205) or email an e-copy (PDF) to When deadlines fall on a weekend, forms and accompanying documents are due the following business day.

Graduating Seniors

Graduating seniors should carefully review these steps to successfully graduate with honors with their Honors Thesis Mentor. Make careful note of the spring, summer, and fall program deadlines for honors thesis defenses and honors thesis submissions to stay on track to complete during your anticipated term of graduation.