Select a Faculty Mentor

Bruce AhrendsenOffice: AGRI 214
Phone: (479) 575-6643
Research Interests: Agricultural finance
Expertise and Instrumentation: Financial institutions and markets, financial management, risk management, asset valuation, econometrics.

DixonOffice: AGRI 215

Phone: (479) 575-2256


Research Interests: Econometrics

Expertise and Instrumentation: Agricultural finance and economic impacts of climate change.

Alvaro Durand MoratPhone: (479)-575-6038
Research Interests: Rice trade and rice modeling

FangPhone: (480)-252-5931
Research Interests: Fang’s research interest includes economics modeling, marketing, obesity, public health, and spatial analysis.

HalbrookOffice: AGRI 217
Phone: (479) 575-2258
Research Interests: Agricultural law and marketing.

HuangPhone: (479)-575-2073
Research Interests: Dr. Huang’s areas of research include natural resource economics (with an emphasis on water and land) and development issues including education, migration and labor market outcomes. Her current research projects include water resource management in north China, irrigated agriculture in Arkansas and the impact of cognitive and non-cognitive skills on labor market outcomes.

Nathan KemperPhone: (479) 575-2697
Research Interests: food policy economics and marketing

KovacsPhone: (479)-575-2323
Research Interests:
Dr. Kovacs’ areas of research include natural resource economics (with an emphasis on land, forests, and invasive species) and agricultural and environmental economics (with an emphasis on valuation and land use change). His research has been funded by the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, USDA Forest Service, and Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. Coverage of his research has appeared in popular media outlets such as the New York Times, Scientific American, and Milwaukee Sentinel Journal.

lucksteadPhone: (479)-575-3253
Research Interests:
Dr. Luckstead’s main research focus is on theoretical and applied agricultural policy analysis in international trade and industrial organization with an emphasis in strategic trade theory, the new empirical industrial organization methods, and dynamic models with firm heterogeneity and endogenous entry and exit.

McKenzieOffice: AGRI 224B
Phone: (479)-575-2544
Research Interests: Price risk management and commodity marketing.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Grain merchandising; hedging using futures and options.
NaygaOffice: AGRI 217
Phone: (479)-575-2299
Research Interests: Food policy economics; nutrition and health economics; food marketing.
Expertise: New food product/attribute valuation; economics of obesity; nutritional labeling; food demand and safety.
lawton nalleyOffice: AGRI 218A
Phone: (479) 575-6818
Research Interests: Research emphasis is on international agricultural policy, the economics of public plant breeding, crop modeling with focus on climate change and international development.
mpoppOffice: AGRI 227
Phone: (479) 575-6838
Research Interests: Farm, agribusiness and risk management.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Crop and livestock production management, risk modeling, applied econometrics, agribusiness analysis.
RaineyOffice: AGRI 227
Phone: (479) 575-5584
Research Interests: Regional economic development and agricultural policy.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Public finance and economic development
Michael R. ThomsenOffice: AGRI 226
Phone: (479) 575-3932
Research Interests: Food distribution, food industry management .
Expertise and Instrumentation: food safety, food policy, value-added products, cooperative
Eric J. WailesOffice: AGRI 224
Phone: (479) 575-2278
Research Interests: Food & agricultural marketing and policy.
Expertise & Instrumentation: Farm policy, trade policy, agricultural commodity, price analysis, econometric modeling, economics of rice drying, storage, milling.

CoxOffice: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2040
Research Interests: Leadership Development, computers applications and agricultural communications.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Technology use and computer skills assessments, qualitative research.

Christopher EsteppOffice: AFLS E111
Phone: 479-575-203
Research Interests: Motivation and student engagement; Teaching effectiveness; The role of culture in recruiting, retaining, engaging, and preparing college of agriculture students.
Expertise and Instrumentation:  Quantitative & Qualitative methods; Survey research; Student motivation; Teaching methods

Graham Office: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-6346
Extension Education: Human resource development in community organizations.
Expertise and instrumentation:
Identification of professional development needs, assessment of instructional delivery systems, perceptions of client groups. Change process

JohnsonOffice: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2039
Research Interests: Agricultural Systems Technology
Expertise and instrumentation: Engine performance and emissions testing, technical education.

MillerOffice: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-5650
Research Interests: Agricultural Communications:
Expertise and instrumentation: Communication evaluation, agricultural communication curriculum development, qualitative research and evaluation, agritourism marketing.
RuckerOffice: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-3506
Research Interests: Agricultural Communications: leadership education and development, and rural development.
Expertise and instrumentation: Communication and leadership curriculum development and evaluation, qualitative research, and leadership assessments.

Portrait Photo of Dr. Kate Shoulders
Office: 205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-3799

Research Interests: School-based Agricultural Education, Teaching and Learning
Expertise and Instrumentation: Survey and Assessment Development, Validity and Reliability of Research Design

WardlowOffice: 205 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2038
Research Interests: Teacher Education, Teaching Effectiveness, Agricultural Systems Technology.
Expertise and instrumentation: Cognition, teaching and learning; assessment of teaching effectiveness, engine and biofuels testing.
Isabel Whitehead portraitOffice: AFLS E-219
(479) 575-3345
Research Interests:
Diversity and inclusion in higher education, culture and identity, agricultural communications, curriculum and instruction, student experiences in higher education, mentoring, student motivation, agricultural literacy. Open to supporting students through a variety of social science topics as well as creative projects.
Expertise and instrumentation:
Qualitative research, quantitative research, mixed methods research, survey development, program assessment and evaluation.
Ken CoffeyOffice: B106E AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-2112
Research Interests: Ruminant nutrition
Expertise and instrumentation: Forage nutrition, grazing management, applied animal nutrition, beef production management.
Yan HuangOffice: B103C AFLS
(479) 575-6397
Research Interests:
Nutritional Skeletal Muscle Biology
Expertise and Instrumentation: 
Meat science, muscle biology, mitochondrial function and metabolism. western blot, PCR, cell culture, immunohistochemistry staining, and mitochondrial activity assay
Portrait photo of Kathi JoganOffice: 
(479) 236-4768
Research Interests: 
Design, implementation and assessment of effective teaching and learning methodologies, quantitative research
Expertise and instrumentation:
Beth KegleyOffice: B110E AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-3050
Research Interests: Nutrition and Immunology with stocker cattle
Expertise and instrumentation: Mineral nutrition, atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV/VIS spectrophotometry, immunology, ELISA, radial immunodiffusion, cell isolation.
LooperOffice: B111B AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-3745
Research Interests: Cattle, Forage, Animal Production, Animal Husbandry, Animal Physiology, Pasture Management, Animal Biotechnology, Husbandry
Dirk PhilippOffice: B107B ALFS
(479) 575-7914
Reseach Interests: Forage ecology
Expertise and Instrumentation: 
Improved forage utilization and grazing management related to increased profitability and water quality
Fred PohlmanOffice: B103D AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-5634
Research Interests: Meat science
Expertise and instrumentation: Meat quality, processing and safety. Hunterlab colorimeter, Instron Universal Testing Machine, Muscle foods formulation and manufacture.
Jeremy PowellOffice: B110C AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-5136
Research Interests: Diseases of animals
Expertise and instrumentation: D.V.M. with emphasis on animal diseases, companion animal industry and management

Office: B110B AFLS

Phone (479) 575-4380


Research Interests: Equine reproduction and physiology 

Expertise and Instrumentation: Equine reproduction, selection and evaluation for performance, behavior and training

Kelly VierckOffice: AFLS B106C
(479) 575-7283
Research Interests: 
In our research investigations, we use a combination of basic and applied approaches to examine red meat quality and improve the consumer eating experience, as well as reduce food waste through extending shelf life of meat products. Other research interests include pre and post-harvest influences on meat flavor precursors and flavor development during cooking, improving shelf life at retail through development of lipid and protein oxidation mitigation strategies, and enhancing value of meat products through underutilized product enhancement and packaging.


Tom YazwinskiOffice: B110D AFLS
Phone: (479) 575-4398
Research Interests: Internal parasites in domestic animals
Expertise and instrumentation: Laboratory characterization of farm animal parasitisms
Jiangchao ZhaoOffice: B103E AFLS
Phone: (479) 575 6323
Research Interests: Human and animal microbiome in health and disease
Expertise and instrumentation: Multi-omics including microbiome, metagenome, metatranscriptome, metabolomics, DNA, RNA, protein and metabolites extraction, PCR, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, bacterial and fungal cultivation
Mattew Bertucci headshotEmail:
Research Interests: 
Turf weed management, pasture weed mangement, roadside and right of way weed management.
Expertise and instrumentation: Dr. Bertucci conducts applied research to evaluate the efficacy of herbicides in turf, pastures, and roadsides. His research further investigates cultural practices and integrated pest management strategies for these production systems.
BryeOffice: 123 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-5742
Research Interests: Soil Physics
Expertise and instrumentation: Effects of land application of poultry litter on in-situ nutrient leaching and the effects of land use and management practices on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties related to soil quality and sustainability.
BurgosOffice: Altheimer Laboratory 222
Phone: (479) 575-3984
Research Interests: Weed physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Herbicide action, plant resistance to herbicides, 14C isotope, liquid scintillation spectroscopy, DNA fingerprinting
HaggardOffice: 201 Engineering Hall
Phone: (479) 575-2879
Research Interests: Ecological engineering, environmental soil and water sciences
Expertise and Instrumentation: Water quality chemistry, algal nutrient limitation, pollutant transport in aquatic systems, water quality monitoring and modeling
David MillerOffice: Agriculture Bldg. 106
Phone: (479) 575-5747
Research Interests: Soil chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Surface chemistry, reclamation of soils with poultry litter and phosphorus chemistry.
NormanOffice: Agriculture Building 105
Phone: (479) 575-5738
Research Interests: Soil fertility, plant nutrition, nitrogen chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Rice nutrition and cultivation, use of radioactive and stable isotopes as tracers in soil and plant studies and nitrogen chemistry; liquid scintillation counter, distillation unit and digestion block, UV visible spectrophotometer
PereriaOffice: Plant Sciences Building 112
Phone: (479) 575-8435
Research Interests: Plant molecular genetics
PurcellOffice: Altheimer Laboratory 223
Phone: (479) 575-3983
Research Interests: Crop physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Abiotic stress physiology in soybean, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, and nodule oxygen permeability control and regulation
Trenton RobertsOffice: Altheimer Laboratory 224
Phone: (479) 575-6752
Research Interests: Soil fertility/testing
SavinOffice: Agriculture Building 105-B
Phone: (479) 575-5740
Research Interests: Biological Sciences
Expertise and instrumentation: Combines traditional and innovative molecular techniques to study the structure and function of microbial communities in natural and managed ecosystems to understand the roles of microorganisms in nutrient cycling, ecological interactions, and contaminant degradation.
Andrew SharpleyOffice: 111 Plant Sciences Building
Phone: (479) 575-5721
Research Interests: Assessing, managing and remediating the impacts of agricultural management on soil and water resources. In doing this I investigate the cycling of phosphorus in soil-plant-water systems in relation to soil productivity and water quality and include the management of animal manures, fertilizers and crop residues. Develop decision making tools and strategies for agricultural field staff to identify sensitive areas of the landscape and to target management alternatives and remedial measures that have reduced the risk of nutrient loss from farms. Expertise and Instrumentation: Soil science, water quality, soil phosphorus chemistry, agricultural management. Soil extraction methodology, rainfall simulation, fluvarium, stream flumes, runoff sensors.
SlatonOffice: Altheimer Laboratory 306
Phone: (479) 575-3910
Research Interests: Soil fertility and rice crop management/production
Expertise and instrumentation: Diagnosis of rice nutrition and production related problems
SrivastavaOffice: 109 Plant Science Building
Phone: (479) 575-4872
Research Interests: Life Sciences
Expertise and instrumentation: Develops molecular tools for gene transfer in crop plants and develops gene tagging systems for rice.
Lisa WoodOffice: AGRI 105A
Phone: (479) 575-5739

Research Interests:
  • Improving/advancing the environmental literacy of students, particularly in the K-12 environment across Arkansas.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of professional development opportunities in environmental education in in-service teachers.
  • Development of an environmental literacy plan for Arkansas students (K-12).
  • Assessing impacts and learning outcomes in students exposed to outdoor education opportunities both on school grounds and at science education centers.
  • Creating collaborative learning programs by exposing undergraduate ESWS students to inquiry-based teaching of environmental, water, and soil science lessons in the local elementary and middle schools.
Office: 109 Agriculture Annex
(479) 575-5677
Research Interests: 
Experimental design, regression, stochastic modeling, spatial statistics, generalized linear mixed models. Agricultural applications of statistics
Andy MauromoustakosOffice: 104 Agriculture Annex
Phone: (479) 575-5678
Research Interests: Visual data mining, statistical computing, experimental design, generalized linear models, applied multivariate methods, applied geostatistics and data mining.
Burt BluhmPhone: (479) 575-2677
Research Interests: molecular plant pathology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Fungal diseases of crop species, plant-fungal interactions, molecular genetics, functional genomics. metabolomics, mycology 
CorrellOffice: 217 Plant Sciences Building
Phone: (479) 575-2710
Research Interests: Vegetable crops and rice diseases

Expertise and Instrumentation: Biology, genetics and molecular biology of fungal pathogens

Martin EganPhone: (479) 575-2676
Research Interests: Fungal Cell Biology 

Ken KorthOffice: Rosen Alternative Pest Control Center
Phone: (479) 575-5191
Research Interests: Plant biotechnology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Molecular plant-insect interactions, pathogen and insect resistance pathways, cellular control of enzymes involved in isoprenoid metabolism

Alejandro RojasPhone: (479) 575-2445
Research Interests:  
Ecology, evolution and biology of soilborne fungi and oomycetes
Expertise and Instrumentation: Mycology, plant-fungal interactions and ecology, evolution and genomics of fungi.  Structure and function of the plant microbiota.  My research focuses on the interaction of plant and root-associated microorganisms and their effects on plant growth and health.  These include the interaction between fungal and oomycete pathogens, fungal endophytes and other guilds that are present in agricultural and natural ecosystems.  We are focused on the biology and genetics of soilborne fungi and oomycetes and how we can modulate or manage the impact of these organisms in agricultural crops.

RojasPhone: (479) 575-3214
Research Interests: 
Research in my lab focuses on identifying plant genes conferring broad resistance against bacterial pathogens.  Using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana in conjunction with tools from genetics, molecular and cell biology, we are working to decipher how those genes function in the plant, how they work in the presence of a bacterial pathogen and how their function is integrated with known signal transduction cascades.

RupeOffice: 217 Plant Sciences Building
Phone: (479) 575-2778
Research Interests: Soybean diseases

Expertise and Instrumentation: Epidemiology and control of plant diseases, ecology of soybean pathogens

TzanetakisOffice: 213 Plant Sciences Building
Phone: (479)575-3180
Research Interests: Virology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Characterization and epidemiology of new viruses. Reverse genetics of soybean

DowlingOffice: 312 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2482
Research Interests: Acarology, molecular systematic of mites and insects. Historical Ecology: coevolution, biogeography and host-association. Population genetics (phylogeography) of recently invading pest mites.
GogginOffice: 330 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-6751
Research Interests: Host plant resistance to insects and nematodes
Expertise and instrumentation: Aphid biology, bioassay design, nucleic acid purification and gene expression analysis. Liquid scintillation counter, UV visible spectromenter, thermal cyclers, capillary electrophoresis unit.
StephenOffice: 315E Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2451
Research Interests: Forest entomology, insect ecology
Expertise and instrumentation: Ecology and biological control of forest insects.
szalanskiOffice: 301 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-4342
Research Interests:
Insect genetics, Molecular Diagnostics,
Expertise and instrumentation: Population Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Phylogenetics, Urban Entomology.
WiedenmannOffice: 319 Agriculture Building
Phone: (479) 575-2476
Research Interests:
Biological control, invasive species
Expertise and instrumentation: beneficial insects
BaumOffice: N-216 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-4474
Nutrition research:
Research focus is on the role of macronutrients (e.g. dietary protein quality and quantity, source of fatty acids, etc. on body composition, energy metabolism and metabolic health using a molecule-to-man approach.
Franck CarboneroPhone: (479)-575-6822
Research Interests: The focus of Dr. Carbonero's research is the impact of diet on the gut microbiome and gut health, phylogenetic and functional diversity of gut microbes, biotransformation of macro and micronutrients by gut microbes and metabolomics.
Kristen GibsonOffice: N-220 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-6844
Research Interests: Food safety research: Research focus is on the fate and transport of pathogens within our food systems with a focus on human noroviruses and fresh produce as well as retail food safety.
Griffiths AtunguluPhone: (479)-575-6843
Research Interests:

The focus of Dr. Atungulu'sresearch is to engineer effective strategies to maintain grain (rice, corn, soybean and grain-sorghum) quality and prevent mycotoxin development, especially in on-farm, in-bin drying and storage systems.
Specific points addressed in Dr. Atungulu's research include:

  1. Studying  kinetics  of  grain  quality  degradation, mold  growth,  and  mycotoxin development during on-farm, in-bin drying and storage of grains
  2. Determination of accurate EMC models for use in the new on-farm, in-bin drying and storage systems
  3. Use of mathematical modeling to optimize performance of the on-farm, in-bin grain drying and storage systems
  4. Development of novel techniques for detection, decontamination, and detoxification of harmful grain molds and mycotoxins
HettiarachchyOffice: N-218 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-4779
Research Interests: Proteins, structure functions and proteomics.  Bioactive peptides, phenolics, and plant phytochemicals against cancer, Alzheimers’, and obesity. Plant extracts as anitoxidants, antimicrobials, and food safety. Novel and Innovative nutritional and nutraceutical food product development including natural ingredients for health and wellness with emphasis on obesity and sound science.  Pre-and pro-biotics with extended shelf life for intestinal health and nano-encapsulation.  Entrepreneurship to scale up innovative food products for marketing.  Value addition to industry co-products using nanotechnology, fermentation including solid-state. Extrusion.
luke howardOffice: N-206 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-2978
Research Interests: Berry processing and quality evaluation, functional foods, bioactive properties of berry phytonutrients.
Expertise and instrumentation: Pressurized solvent and supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive phytonutrients. HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC and GC-MS analysis of berry phytonutrients
LeeOffice: N-211 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-6921
Research Interests: Focuses on investigating the role of functional foods/bioactive components in the prevention of chronic diseases and its bioavailability/bioefficacy.
ProctorOffice: N-204 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-2980
Research Interests:
Lipid and surface chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Lipid chemistry on food surfaces, emulsions and biological lipid systems including lipase activity, oxidation and flavor chemistry using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, GC/MS and HPLC, rapid lipid analysis methods; development of novel materials from agricultural waste for food processing and non-food uses.
RickeOffice: E-27 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-4678
Research Interests: Anaerobic and Fermentation Microbiology; Genetics and Physiology of Foodborne Pathogens
Expertise and instrumentation: Molecular ecology of anaerobic bacteria in food production environments; Genetics and physiology of foodborne pathogens under stress and survival conditions; Industrial microbiology and fermentation.
SeoOffice: N-215 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-4778
Research Interests: Sensory and consumer sciences: Chemosensory perception and multisensory integration, food neuropsychology, food choice and eating behavior

Renee ThrelfallOffice: FDSC B-3
Research interests: Fruit processing and quality evaluation, sensory, functional foods/phytonutrients. Fruit research includes grapes (enology and viticulture), blackberries, strawberries, peaches, etc.) and hops research. 
Expertise and instrumentation: Physicochemical and sensory analysis of fresh and processed fruits, postharvest marketable attributes, HPLC and HPLC-MS analysis of phytonutrients in horticultural crops


Ya-Jane WangOffice: N-214 Food Science
Phone: (479) 575-3871
Research Interests: Carbohydrate chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Rice quality, characterization of structures and properties of starch and starch derivatives, modification of starch via chemical, physical and enzymatic approaches, HPLC, DSC, viscometers, extruder, polarized light microscope coupled with hot stage and image analysis.
John ClarkOffice: 307 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-2810
Research Interests: Plant breeding, emphasizing fruit crops
Expertise and instrumentation: classical plant breeding including hybridization, seedling evaluation and selection testing; trait inheritance studies; germplasm evaluation; small fruit culture
Phone: 479-575-2603

Research interests: Fertilizer and pH, irrigation and water quality, environmental factors (light, temperature, CO2), postharvest, economics for greenhouse and controlled-environment crop production

GarciaOffice: 310 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-2790
Research Interests:
Extension specialist, fruit and nut production.
Expertise and instrumentation: Crop management, germplasm evaluation.
KarcherOffice: 308 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-5723
Research Interests: Soil management of turfgrasses.
Expertise and instrumentation: evaluation of soil physical properties (moisture, porosity, bulk density, hydraulic conductivity, infiltration) and statistical analysis of subjective rating data.
Garry McDonaldOffice: 315 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-8780
Research Interests: Landscape Horticulture
Expertise and instrumentation: urban horticulture, sustainable systems, practical landscape design, landscape management, native landscape plant materials, low-input landscapes.
RichardsonOffice: 309 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-2860
Research Interests: Turfgrass Management and Physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Water potential, greenhouse experimentation, and photosynthesis.
WorthingtonOffice: 306 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-2122
Research Interests: Plant breeding, emphasizing fruit crops using molecular and classical breeding techniques.

ShiOffice: 321 Plant Science
Phone: (479) 575-2670
Research Interests:Vegetable breeding and molecular biology.

Donna Lucas Graham        Donna Lucas GrahamOffice: HOEC 118
Phone: (479) 575-6346
Research Interests: Agricultural and community leadership, career development, advising and retention
AppleOffice: HOEC 212A
Phone: (479) 575-4576
Research Interests: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and Instrumentation: Computer and design methodology for product development; 3D Body Scanning, Fit and Sizing for apparel production  
Mahendran BalasubramanianOffice: HOEC 205C
Phone: 479-575-2192
Research Interests: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and Instrumentation: 

Innovative and functional apparel design using digital anthropometric technology, focusing on scoliosis and sleep apnea patients; 3D scanning and virtual fitting technology

CheramieOffice: HOEC 215
Phone: (479) 575-6732
Research Interests: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and Instrumentation: Fashion merchandising. Visual merchandising.
ChoOffice: HOEC 205B
Phone: (479) 575-4599
Research Interests:Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
The effect of fashion brand image elements on consumer-based brand equity; the effect of cognitive, sensory, and emotional associations on consumer loyalty toward a fashion brand; a role of fashion innovativeness in consumer-based brand equity; identification of factors contributing to business success for underrepresented entrepreneurs   
HubertOffice: HOEC 213
Phone: (479) 575-4826
Research Interests: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Current and emerging product development technology, including 3D printing, 3D body scanning, and design and patternmaking software for use in the apparel production process to create designs for customers with specific needs not necessarily met by the current ready to wear market. Customers include, but are not limited to, pageant contestants, dancers, athletes, and customers with unique physical attributes.  Other applications are for standardization and improvement of apparel sizing and functionality.
SouthwardOffice: HOEC 212
Phone: (479) 575-4311
Research Interests: Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and instrumentation. Social-psychological concepts of wearing apparel, fashion merchandising. Made in the USA.
HammOffice: HOEC 117C
Phone: (479) 575-5132
Research Interests: Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and instrumentation: Event and meeting planning; culinary tourism

TrudoOffice: HOEC 105
(479) 575-4863
Research Interests:
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Plant foods and cancer prevention:
      Dietary modulation of biotransformation enzymes and carcinogen metabolism
      Gene – diet interactions: both nutrigenomic (cell and animal models) and nutrigenetic (in humans)
      Comparison of the effects from intact vegetable feeding versus their purified putative 

Obesity Prevention:

       Role of bioactive plant compounds in decreasing obesity-mediated cancer risk
       Role of plant foods and their constituents in childhood obesity prevention               
       Virtual reality as a means to prevent childhood obesity.

Yao-Chin WangOffice: HOEC 118
Phone: (479) 575-4310
Research Interests: Strategic Brand Management, Festival and Event Management, Services Marketing, Employee Positive Psychology, and Tourist Psychology and Behavior

Kelly WayOffice: HOEC 17D
Phone: (479) 575-4985
Research Interests: Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise in the areas of travel and tourism, event management, restaurant management, food and beverage, hospitality curriculum design and instruction.
jennifer BechelOffice: HOEC 210
Phone: (479) 575-2358
Research Interests: Human Development and Family Sciences
Adolescent and young adult obesity; high risk behavior including substance use and risky sexual behavior); body image, self-esteem, mental health; social media use.
HeroldOffice: HOEC 205D
Phone: (479) 575-5162
Research Interests: Human Development and Family Sciences
Developmental outcomes in birth through kindergarten, particularly in the area of language and literacy; the impact of poverty on early knowledge development and longitudinal outcomes; improving the educational and social outcomes of at-risk preschoolers; early childhood education policy and curriculum; teacher-child and parent-child interactions; early childhood teacher professional development and training; children’s literature; children’s reading preferences.
KillianOffice: HMGH 104
Phone: (479) 575-7214
Research Interests: Human Development and Family Sciences
Expertise and Instrumentation: Family care-giving to older persons, family diversity issues, adolescent risk-taking, and intergenerational transfers.
Weiyi MaOffice: HOEC 118
(479) 575- 5123
Reseach Interests: 
My research focuses on language acquisition in 6-month to 6-year-olds but I am also interested in bilingualism and atypical language development in children with autism and hearing loss.
MosleyOffice: HOEC 209
Phone: (479) 575-4688
Research Interests: Human Development and Family Sciences
Alcohol use in adolescent and young adult romantic relationships. Intimate partner violence. Sexual assault on college campuses.
Amanda WilliamsOffice: HOEC 205D
Phone: (479) 575-4307
Research Interests: 

Interdisciplinary, mixed-method research on adolescent and emerging adult health and development in diverse contexts, with emphasis on families, communities, and digital landscapes. Particularly: (a) Cascading risks and life course resilience among elite and vulnerable youth; (b) Social media technology and digital advocacy; and (c) Evaluation of community programs.

Adnan Ali Khalaf AlrubayeOffice: POSC 0-413
Phone: 479-575-2095
Research Interests: Microbiology of Bacterial Chondronecrosis and Osteomyelitis in Broilers, Bacterial culturing, PCR and sequencing to genotype isolates for 16S rDNA, Understanding the pathogenesis of Bacterial Chondronecrosis and Osteomyelitis
Komala ArsiOffice: POSC 0-304
Phone: 479-575-4952
Research Interests:
BottjeOffice: Poultry Science O-405
Phone: (479) 575-2575
Research Interests: Physiology

Expertise and instrumentation: Conducts research on mitochondrial function in health and disease of poultry with particular emphasis on antioxidants and oxidative stress. Bottje is also the Director of the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science.

Phone: 479-575-4375
Research Interests: Reoviruses, rotaviruses and avian diagnostics

CoonOffice: Poultry Science O-211
Phone: (479) 575-4134
Research Interests: Poultry Nutrition

Expertise and instrumentation: Nutrient utilization, environmental interactions with nutrition, feedstuff evaluation and amino acid metabolism in poultry.

DridiOffice: Poultry Science O-406
Phone: (479) 575-2583
Research Interests: Avian endocrinology and molecular genetics
Peripheral and central molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and fat metabolism in avian species for the improvement of growth efficiency.
ErfOffice: Poultry Science O-410
Phone: (479) 575-8664
Research Interests: Immunologist

Expertise and instrumentation: Avian immunology with emphasis on cell-mediated immunity, autoimmunity, tumor regression and immunology of the skin.

Billy HargisOffice: Poultry Science O-308
Phone: (479) 466-8678
Research Interests: Veterinarian

Expertise and instrumentation: Poultry health and ante mortem food safety intervention, poultry immunology and endocrinology.

Michael KiddOffice: Poultry Science O-114
Phone: (479) 575-3699
Research Interests: Research in the areas of broiler amino acid, mineral, and enzyme nutrition.
KongOffice:  Poultry Science O-404
Phone: (479) 575-5494
Research Interests: Molecular virology

Expertise and Instrumentation: Conducts research on functional genomic analysis of host-virus interaction for avian infectious viruses.

KuenzelOffice: Poultry Science O-403
Phone: (479) 575-6112
Research Interests: Physiology and Neurobiology

Expertise and instrumentation: Avian neuroendocrinology with emphasis on the neural regulation of early sexual maturation, food intake and hypothalamic function in poultry.

Min KwonOffice: Poultry Science O-213
Phone: (479) 575-4935
Research Interests: Expertise and instrumentation: Conducts research on genetic/genomic analysis of foodborne bacterial pathogens important in poultry.
LiOffice: Poultry Science O-411
Phone: (479) 575-2881
Research Interests: Food Safety and Food Processing

Expertise and instrumentation: Food processing and engineering, electrical pasteurization, chemical spraying and thermal process modeling for food safety and quality.

Office: O-305
Research Interests: microbiota-gut brain axis
Sara OrlowskiOffice: POSC 0-207
Phone: 479-575-4952
Research Interests: poultry management and genetics
HanningOffice: Poultry Science O-209
Phone: (479) 575-4281
Research Interests: Poultry Products

Expertise and instrumentation: Effect of preslaughter environmental conditions and processing techniques on muscle metabolism and meat quality of poultry.

RhoadsOffice: Science Engineering 524
Phone: (479) 575-7396
Research Interests: Poultry Genomics Expertise and instrumentation: DNA isolation, DNA library construction. SNP/genotype development. Molecular genetic analysis of production traits, with special emphasis on the male reproductive system.
Sam RochellOffice: POSC 0-210
Phone: 479-575-3474
Research Interests:
Xiaolun SunOffice: POSC 409
Phone: 479-575-2322
Research Interests:
 Understanding the dynamic interaction among host cellular events, molecular signaling, intestinal microbiome, and bacterial pathogens during health and disease and to identify signaling pathways and microbiome which attenuate microbe-mediated intestinal diseases in human and poultry.