Bumpers College Honors Program Eligibility

Student Eligibility Requirements

Incoming Freshmen who have an ACT score of at least 28 and a high school cGPA of at least 3.50 are invited to apply for admission to the Bumpers College Honors Program. 
Current and Transfer Students with no more than 62 hours completed and a college cGPA of at least 3.50 are also invited to apply for admission to the Bumpers College Honors Program.

Bumpers College Honors Program Requirements 

  • Students must maintain a cGPA of 3.50 in order to remain in the program.  Students falling below that average will have one semester of probation to raise their GPA.
  • Graduation with honors distinction requires each student complete a total of 15 honors credit hours for the Bumpers College Honors Program consisting of 9-12 credit hours of Honors courses and 3-6 honors thesis credit hours. Students are encouraged to take honors courses within Bumpers as well as honors courses in other colleges.
  • Incoming freshman are required to enroll in the AFLS 1023H Bumpers College Honors Perspectives course. Students who enter the program after freshman year are not required to enroll in the course and may enroll in 3 credit hours of honors courses in subjects of their choosing.
  • All students must complete the AFLS 3413H Honors Proposal Development and Research Methods course before the completion of 90 credit hours.
  • While enrolled in honors thesis credit hours, students will develop and conduct an honors thesis project culminating in a final written honors thesis. Honors thesis project types include research projects, creative projects, and group or team projects. Each honors thesis project type has a specific set of guidelines that must be followed.
    • Enrollment in thesis hours is by permission only. Please complete the Request to Enroll in Honors Thesis Credit Form and obtain the signature(s) of your Academic Advisor and Honors Thesis Mentor. The signed form should be turned into the Bumpers College Waldrip Student Center (AGRI 205) or an e-copy (PDF) can be emailed to