New Freshman Application

Student Eligibility Requirements

Incoming Freshmen who have an ACT score of at least 28 and a high school cGPA of at least 3.50 are invited to apply for admission to the Bumpers College Honors Program. 

Here's how to apply if you are a new freshman student:

  1. First things first: you must  apply for admission to the University of Arkansas and receive official notification of your acceptance to the University before applying to the Honors College. 

  2. Within ten days of you receiving your University admission notification, the Honors College will invite you by email to apply to the Honors College if you meet the minimum ACT/SAT and GPA requirements. The Honors College application will be available in your New Student Center using the log-in information you created when you first applied for admission to the University. You must complete the application in your New Student Center in order to be admitted to the Honors College.

  3. You will receive confirmation of your admission into the Honors College over email within two to three weeks.