Current and Transfer Application

Here's how to apply if you are a current or new transfer student to the U of A:

  1. Fill out our Current and Transfer Student Honors Application. 
  2. If eligible, the honors director or assistant honors director in your college will admit you and notify you and the Honors College.

Important Notes

  • Eligibility: You must achieve a 3.50 university cGPA for at least one semester to be eligible to join the Honors College.  Current and Transfer Students with no more than 62 hours completed and a college cGPA of at least 3.50 are invited to apply for admission to the Bumpers College Honors Program.
  • Timing: If you apply after the second week of class in a semester, you will miss out on the priority registration offered to Honors College students that semester – but you will be eligible for this benefit in subsequent semesters.
  • Are you seeking to change your honors status from one college honors program to another? Current, eligible students who are enrolled in another college's honors program at the U of A and are interested in joining the Bumpers College Honors Program may receive an error message when filling out the Current and Transfer Student Application. Please contact Jody Davis, Director of Student Records, at to have your honors status administratively moved over to our program. 

If you have general Honors College admittance questions or if you experience any application link errors, please contact Dr. Jennie Popp, Associate Dean of the Honors College, at 

If you have questions about applying to the Bumpers College  Honors Program as a Current or Transfer student, please contact Dr. Lisa Wood, Assistant Dean for Honors and International Programs, at or