Honors Student Board

The Board members serves as representatives of the Honors Program and the College. They are to portray to prospective Honors students, parents, and alumni the philosophy and benefits of participation in the Honors Program of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Board members will co-host activities with other college student organizations and with the College Dean's Office.

The Board will be a Registered Student Organization of the College within the UA and follow all rules of UA Registered Student Organizations.

Board Members Elected for the 2016/2017 Academic Year are:


Will Pohlman II
Student Board Chair


 Sam Goll  

Samuel Goll
Student Board Vice-chair

  Courtney Cooper  

Courtney Cooper


Sam Harris  

Sam Harris
Awards Committee Chair


 Luke Lane  

Luke Lane
Director of Communications

  Colson Tester  

Colson Tester

Events Director

 Amy Frank  

Amy Frank

Events Director





Bumpers Honors Student Advisory Board Applications

The Bumpers College Honors Student Board is seeking applications for Board member for the 2017-2018 academic year. To apply for the Honors Student Board complete the Honors Student Board Application and submit it to the Bumpers College Deans Office on or before February 15. 
For information on the Honors Student Board, please contact Will Pohlman II, Chairman, or Dr. Leslie Edgar, Director of the Honors Program.

Interested in becoming joining the Board? Please review the responsibilities of the Bumpers College Honors Student Board below:

The mission of the Bumpers College Honors Student Board is to provide a student voice for programmatic activities of the Bumpers Honors Program and to enhance student development and leadership skills of its members. The Bumpers Honors Program fosters interaction among Honors students, faculty, and other student organizations, provides liaisons to the Bumpers College Honors Director, Dean, and Associate Dean, and the UA Honors College. The Board also serves in recruitment for the Honors Program.

Honors Student Board (HSB) members serve as representatives of the Bumpers College Honors Program and the College. They are to portray to perspective Honors students, parents, and alumni the philosophy and benefits of participation in the Honors Program of the Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Board members will assist with hosting honors activities with the Bumpers College Deans Office and other student organizations across the College and University.

Board Members commit to attend monthly Board meetings and to support and participate in the programmatic activities associated with the Bumpers College Honors Program. These activities may include: information sessions, recruiting, networking, professional development, and social events associated with the Honors Program. 

  • Must have a declared major in any Bumpers College degree program.
  • Must be a member in good standing within the Honors Program.
  • Must have completed or be enrolled in at least 3 hours of Honors coursework.
  • Must have demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have a strong and positive feeling about the University of Arkansas Honors College, the Bumpers College, and the Bumpers College Honors Program, and be motivated to participate and support the program.
  • Board member may be terminated if it is determined that he/she is not maintaining ethics befitting an Honors Student, not performing satisfactorily, not able to work productively with other Board members and staff members or jeopardizing the success of the program.
  • New and returning Board Members must reapply annually.
  • Preside over HSB meetings; ensure meetings run efficiently and effectively.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Board when required.
  • Work with faculty, staff and student organizations across campus to create new opportunities and direction for the HSB.
  • Provide a written report of progress to the Honors Faculty Committee Chair monthly.
  • Assist with the planning and execution of the Bumpers Distinguished Lecture.
  • Send congratulatory emails on behalf of the HSB to Bumpers College Honor Students distinguished in the Newswire.
  • Presides over the selection of the Honors Faculty Mentor Award.
  • Create an agenda for all committee meetings
  • Record and distribute meeting minutes
  • Provide all necessary materials for the meeting, including scheduling with the Deans Office the time and location of the next HSB meeting
  • Create videoboards for all Bumpers College HSB events at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Video boards must be approved by the HSB before being sent to the Honors Program Director for final approval.
  • Take photographs of all HSB events.
  • Determine communication needs and strategies to best serve honors students.
  • With the approve of the Honors Program Director, propose news and feature stories to the Bumpers College Communications Director and the Honors College Director of Communications.
  • Assist the Vice Chair with the Bumpers Distinguished Lecture.
  • Responsible for the set-up and tear down of the HSB Poster Competition.
  • Assist with departmental and college meet and greets.
  • Create 9 student spotlights throughout the year. One for each month, during the academic year, to be displayed on the Honors Program website under Student Spotlight.
  • Work with the Director of Communications to ensure student spotlights are on the videoboard for each month.
  • Invite students to attend HSB meetings and events.
  • Determine recruitment strategies to best target potential honors students.
  • Maintain and enhance student relations in the honors program.
  • Serve as a lead mentor for the Honors Mentor Program.
  • Communicate needs and requirements of the Honors Mentors with the HSB.
  • Determine strategies to incorporate the combining of these two student groups.
  • Promotes HSB functions to Honors freshmen enrolled in the orientation course.