Grants and Funding

Honors Project Funding Opportunities

To support their research or creative projects, participants in the Honors Program are eligible to apply for undergraduate research grants from the Arkansas Student Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program awarded by the state, the University Honors College, and from the Bumpers College.

Honors students can also apply to the Honors College for Research and Study Abroad  grants.

Honors College Funding Opportunities

The Honors College provides research grants, study abroad grants,  and internship grants to eligible students who have completed over 6 hours of honors credit.

Bumpers College Undergraduate Research and Creative Project Grant Funding Program

The goal of this grant program is to provide funding to encourage undergraduate students to participate in enhanced educational experiences that advance their professional career opportunities through engagement in creative projects and research activities, and develop their skills and leadership potential.

The deadline to submit all required materials for the Fall 2023 term is Friday, October 20.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Review the linked guidelines for additional instructions regarding all materials.

Examples of Recently Funded Projects

Student's Submission Link

Students should submit their grant application form, cover page, project description, budget, student resume, faculty mentor resume, university transcript, and mentor's CV/resume as a combined PDF through this online form. The two required faculty recommendation letters should be submitted by each faculty member using the online form linked below.

Faculty Member's Submission Link

Faculty should submit their letters of recommendation through this online form.