Colten Nichols

Image of Colten smiling into the camera with his arms by his side, wearing a dark red University of Arkansas shirt.

Hello! My name is Colten Nichols, and I am a sophomore Crop Science and Biochemistry double major with a minor in Crop Biotechnology. I'm from Van Buren, Arkansas, and I have a passion for biological research. I've always been divided between medical and plant-based research, but since joining the Bumpers College I have enjoyed every moment of my Crop Science classes and extracurriculars! I currently work at a Crop Biotechnology Lab on campus with a focus on rice production. This opportunity has expanded my skills, knowledge, and network surrounding Crop Biotechnology. I decided to be a mentor this year because I understand firsthand how difficult it is to adjust to new places and environments. As a Bumpers Honors College Mentor, I hope to help students get involved with research on campus, effectively plan out their four-year degrees, and help students navigate their freshman year! While I am still learning new things about campus almost every day, I hope to share my experience with my mentor group to make their adjustment period easy! I am very grateful to the Bumpers and Honors Colleges for their continued support and dedication to hardworking students in our program. I am excited for this semester of mentorship!

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Van Buren, Arkansas

Crop Science & Biochemistry