Delaney Ringgold

Image of Delaney with blonde braided pigtails smiling at the camera with her arms clasped behind her, wearing a vintage University of Arkansas white, red, and black tee.

Hello everybody! My name is Delaney Ringgold and I am currently a junior at the University of Arkansas. I am an Environmental, Soil, and Water Science major, and I have loved every second of it! With my degree, I hope to go to law school and practice environmental law, though I may attend graduate school beforehand to strengthen my educational foundation and delve more into my niche passions. Through my time at the university I have discovered that I am really interested in wetland restoration as well as the importance of native and pollinator plants. From a young age I have always been passionate about the environment and nature as a whole. Over the course of my life I have rescued several cats, dogs, and even a potbelly pig and a pregnant rabbit who days later gave birth to a litter. Outside of rescuing strays, I love basketball, tennis, and soccer, so attending the games on campus is a hobby of mine. Additionally, I love being active, though on lazy days you can catch me watching movies, writing poetry, and doing homework alongside my cat, Mango. I am so excited to be an honors student mentor this semester, and I hope to be the person my peers can turn to for anything. I was inspired to become a mentor from my freshman mentor because she was so kind and was a huge comfort as a new college student surrounded by strangers and faced with a road I had never trekked. 

About Delaney

Cabot, Arkansas

Environmental, Soil, and Water Science