Naija Sharpley

Image of Naija, smiling wide, standing with her arms clasped behind her back with long dark braided hair.

Hi! My name is Naija Sharpley. I am a sophomore majoring in Animal Science on a Pre-Vet track. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I found my passion in Animal Science through the various pets I've had, namely my former lizard, Freckles. I've never been out of the country or even far from the southern states. One of my goals is to travel and explore more of the world. I love to play the baritone, dance, and go on hikes. The scenery in Fayetteville is so beautiful. I also love to sing even though I'm not good. I participate in the Razorback Marching Band and am currently the vice president of the Block and Bridle Club. I enjoy being an active part of the community and having something to do. I am also a Path Scholar in the Iota cohort. I can't wait to share some of my knowledge from my first year and also inspire the incoming class to get involved on campus! 

About Naija

Little Rock, Arkansas

Animal Science