Samantha Edwards

Image of Samantha, wearing a University of Arkansas red shirt, with a wide smile, holding her hands by her sides.

Hello! I am Samantha Edwards and a sophomore in the Bumpers College Honors Program! I grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma but moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas after graduation. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Food Science on the pre-med track. I chose to major in food science while still being pre-med because I find food science an extensive field of knowledge and opportunity. Over the past year, I have learned more about various food science topics and enjoyed the major I picked more than I could have imagined. Sustainability within our food systems is an area that I am passionate about and hope to explore. I plan to use the chemistry and biology aspects of food science to help me pursue a career in the medical field. On campus, I am involved in the Food Science Club and multiple pre-med clubs. I chose to be a peer mentor because I want to be able to help guide our newest Bumpers Honors freshmen through their first semester as I know how crazy it can be. Outside of being a peer mentor I enjoy running, Taylor Swift, gamedays, and being with my friends! I can't wait for this semester and woo pig!