Abby Hamm

Image of Abby with shoulder length soft brown hair smiling wide, wearing a bright red University of Arkansas polo.

Hello! My name is Abby Hamm, and I am a Junior this year in Bumpers College. I am from Bossier City, Louisiana which is in northwest Louisiana. I’m majoring in Human Development and Family Science, and I hope to go to graduate school for Counseling in the future! I am very interested in understanding what makes people who they are and the depth of their stories. In my major, I can see all the different aspects of a person’s life that develop them into the unique human they are! Bumpers College at the University of Arkansas has been such a massive support in accomplishing my goals and following my passion. The Student Ambassador Organization and C3 College Ministry are a couple of RSOs that I have been involved in on campus. I wanted to be an honors mentor because I am passionate about helping others feel understood and supported. I remember what it felt like to enter into freshman year with all of the new experiences and environments, and having someone to help navigate that chapter was so encouraging! I cannot wait to help new students transition and find their place at the University of Arkansas!